Removing required title on Simple Page

Hi everyone,

Is there a way to edit the plugin files so that Simple Pages does not require a title to be entered on a page I am adding? I cannot figure out how to create a conditional statement so that a title will display ONLY if I add one.

Many thanks

I don't believe there's any easy way to remove the requirement to specify a page title.

You could, if you wanted, copy the "page" view into your theme and put a conditional statement there that depends on just a specific "[Untitled]" title: if the title is whatever exact string you choose, don't print the heading.

I got it to work in Simple Pages 1.3.1
In Plugins/SimplePages/models/SimplePagesPage.php, I deleted the following:

if (empty($this->title)) {
$this->addError('title', __('The page must be given a title.'));

if (255 < strlen($this->title)) {
$this->addError('title', __('The title for your page must be 255 characters or less.'));

if (!$this->fieldIsUnique('title')) {
$this->addError('title', __('The title is already in use by another page. Please choose another.'));