Removing Recently Added Items from site


I've seen the post on the Forum about removing Recently Added Items from the homepage on sites, but can you do this on sites as well?

I tried telling the Theme I'm using to display 0 (zero) recently added items, but that doesn't seem to have worked.

If anyone knows how to do this, I'd appreciate it if they walked me through how to do this! Thanks in advance!

For, there's not a way to do that yet.

Thanks for getting back to me about this, Patrick!

I tried a work-around by making the About page the homepage, hoping then to be able to feaure an Exhibit on the About page, but no luck (I'm working with a class that's building a collaborative site in Omeka, and they want to feature an Exhibit but to have no Recently Added items on the home page)

Definitely, this is useful for illustrating the differences between being able to get under the hood in vs. trading off for ease of use w/

Thanks again!