Removing Neatline CSS tags not removing styling

I'm working on a neatline project where I am trying to swap out various CSS style sheets. It seems points maintain their styling even after the stylesheet is removed, is there anyway to prevent this?


Could you be more specific? Are you talking about the stylesheets that are found in your theme, in the Neatline plugin directory, or those that are set in each item's "Style" tab in the Neatline editor?


If you're working with stylesheets, be sure to read for creating custom themes for Neatline exhibits.

Hey guys thanks for the response. To be clear, I am not creating a custom Neatline theme, I am just trying to use the Styles functioning to apply batch styling to multiple points using CSS.

I've actually addressed the problem above I believe, but am currently running into a problem of trying to apply styling to tags with underscores in them. I've been using underscores to link together multiple word tags, such as example_tag_one, which seems to be the way the documentation suggestions dealing with this issue. However, when I try to access this tag as a CSS class and apply some styling I get an error, saying Neatline can't save. Using Chrome's Dev tools I am getting an error that plugins/Neatline/views/shared/css/dist/
this file cannot be found. However, if I try to style some tag without an underscore in it, such as "tag" I don't get this error and it seems to work fine.

Is that clear? I took a screenshot of the problem and put it up on imgur here:

Thanks so much,

Sorry to keep posting, but just a quick update!

It also seems that I get a similar error that Neatline is unable to save when I update any of my records. However Neatline actually is saving the changes, but still throwing an error.

Not sure if that means anything to anyone, but thank you!

I believe that was fixed in 2.0.3 ( The current version (2.0.4) has additional bug fixes.