Removing Dashboard Link from Selected Users Public Page

Does anyone know of a way to remove the link to the dashboard/omeka backend from the navigation for certain users? I want users to have to login to view certain images on the public page but I don't want them to be able to download the full size image. I have a zoom viewer in place that limits image download size from the public page but if they go to the dashboard, they have access to the full size image. I only want some users to have that privelage. I know removing the link won't block their access to the dashboard but it would make it less available. Any ideas?

Have you thought about using the Guest User plugin for this? It already hides the admin link from the top bar for users with the "guest" role.

If you want to just hide the link for specific users or some other role, you could follow Guest User's example to do so. If you're interested in that route, the place to look is in GuestUserPlugin.php, the method filterPublicNavigationAdminBar.

Thanks for your suggestion, John.

If I do use that method, where would I add that code. Would I have to create an additional plugin for the user I want to restrict access to the dashboard for, or is there an existing file that controls user permissions that I can just add this too?

I don't want to use the GuestUser role because I want to allow access to private images just not to the dashboard.