Removing Browse Exhibits page and tag


I would like to remove my exhibits page from my website since I won't be using it. How do I go about doing that?

In addition, I would like to change the navigation bar and make it so my homepage that I built in simple pages is the first tab. How do I do that?

Thank you!

Also...I have been using the Berlin Theme. I tried to follow these instructions:
But I couldn't find the commons folder or the header.php file in the Berlin folder. How can I change the navigation in Berlin?

Thank you!

You can go about this in a couple of different ways.

First, you don't need to edit any of the theme files, you can configure this in the admin interface by editing the theme configurations:
See Configurable themes:

Or, to follow that method you cited above, create a new folder in Berlin and name it Common. Then copy the header.php file found in your Omeka installation: yourinstallation/application/views/scripts/common/header.php

And you can edit the header file that will be read by the Berlin theme.

Thank you so much Sheila

I used your first suggestion. It worked quite well. How do I change the footer now to match the main tabs of the website? For example, some of the links listed in the footer aren't part of the main navigation anymore. How do I remove them/change them?

To change the footer, you will need to edit the footer.php file. Follow the second set of directions, but copy the footer.php file instead.

Hi Sheila, I'm using the easy-colour theme and I'm trying to remove the Browse Exhibits link on my home page. I managed to remove the Browse Collections link from the header.php and footer.php files, but it doesn't look like this theme is configurable and also, there is already a common folder so I don't think I'm supposed to overwrite it with the header.php file, am I/