Remove words "Item Type Metadata" from show page

I want to show all elements in a particular item type called "Scholars," but the words "Scholar Item Type Metadata" appear at the top of the show page. How can I keep these words from appearing?

The code calling up the elements is:

<?php echo show_item_metadata(array('show_element_sets' => array('Item Type Metadata'),'show_empty_elements' => false)); ?>

The file application/views/scripts/items/item-metadata.php contains the code that prints the item metadata on the show page.

If you want to change how the metadata is displayed, you can place an edited version of this file in your theme (at items/item-metadata.php).

I have the same issue as cabusara. When I commented out these headings in item-metadata.php (placed inside theme's items directory), all the metadata for the item was replaced Dublin Core elements (mostly empty). I just want to eliminate the <h2>"Dublin Core" and "Item Type Metadata" headings. Please advise.

Hi aropro,

The easiest way to do this is to create a new item-metadata file, which is the template file that governs the markup for displaying item metadata. There is a core file you can override by doing the following:

1) Add a file called item-metadata.php in your 'items' directory of your theme.

2) Copy/paste the contents from application/views/scripts/items/item-metadata.php into your new file.

3) In your new item-metadata.php file, remove the following on line 2:

<h2><?php echo html_escape($setName); ?></h2>

Save the file, and you should have no headings for any of your element sets.

Just to clarify, it's better to create a new file with your custom changes in you theme than to edit the core file, that way you can keep the changes whenever you upgrade Omeka.


Hi Jeremy,

Got it. It's working now. Thanks so much. I'm starting to get the hang of this. : )