remove metadata fields

I have updated to the new version of Omeka. I the old version if I left a field blank the field did not show up on the live site. On the new version they show up either way. I have tried using the remove sign under the fields,but nothing happens. Do I need to go into the code (I want all items to have the same fields) and if so, how?

Hi Keelymm,

By default, the show_item_metadata() helper will display all the fields, and indicate which ones are empty. You can pass an option in the show_item_metadata() function in items/show.php file of your theme to not display empty fields, like so:

<?php echo show_item_metadata( array('show_empty_elements' => false) ); ?>

Hope this helps!

Perfect, thank you!

Sooo helpful, thanks!!

for some reason I can not seem to find the original function "show_item_metadata()" in my show.php. Is there another way to accomplish this or can someone give a little more detail into the actual application of this procedure.

i've figured it out. thanks.

I did this and it doesn't work. I commented the old function and inserted the new one, nothing changes. I actually don't understand the difference between the show.php files that are in admin>themes>default>items and in all the different themes folders ERGO I am not sure I changed it in the right place. Please help is horrible to have that long list of fields that we don't need... THANKS A LOT

themes/themenameofchoice/items/show.php controls the page that the public views from your website.

admin/themes/default/items/show.php controls the pages that only people logged into the /admin side of your site can see.

The fix above will only display metadata fields that contain information, so the public will not see a list of empty fields.