Remove from Header

Despite NOT being set to featured or public, the <Browse Exhibits> link appears in my header and footer and I would like to suppress because I do not like how the exhibit builder defaults to:

and prefer my simple html page:

How can I suppress <Browse Exhibits> from Header and Footer?

Also, not in header|footer code:

<?php echo public_nav_main(array('Library Home'=>uri('../'), 'Collection Home' => uri(''), 'Browse Items' => uri('items'), 'Map' => uri('../34th_st/map') ));?>

You can add a filter that will change the output of your navigation bar.

add_filter('public_navigation_main', 'my_theme_public_navigation_main');

function my_theme_public_navigation_main($nav)
    unset($nav['Browse Exhibits']);
    return $nav;

Also, remember that an Omeka theme can override the way a plugin is displayed. Adding a file in your theme at exhibit_builder/exhibits/browse.php will allow you to completely change the page at the normal "Browse Exhibits" URL.

Thank you, John.

Where do I add this 'filter'?

In a specific file? Or create a file and place:


I'm sorry, I meant to include that information in my last post.

This should go in your theme's custom.php file.

Super helpful. Thank you.