Remove filename HTML wrapper

I'm modifying a theme to include meta tags which follow Google Scholar's inclusion guidelines, and I've got slightly stuck.

I would like to include a URL to the current item's file. I figured that display_files_for_item ought to do the trick:

<meta name="citation_pdf_url" content="<?php echo display_files_for_item(
$wrapperAttributes = array()); ?>" />

This sort of works, but the filename is surrounded by HTML for display (<divs>) and anchor code.

I figured that using $wrapperAttributes might be what I need, but I'm not sure how to use it. The above example still returns the HTML.

I'm about as far away from being a PHP expert as is possible, but I'm learning, so any tips on how to remove the HTML wrapper around would be gratefully received!



You should be able to return the uri for a file with something like this:

<?php while(loop_files_for_item()): ?>
 	    <?php $file = get_current_file(); ?>
 	    <?php echo file_display_uri($file); ?>
    <?php endwhile; ?>

Hope that helps.

Fantastic - that was a big help.

Many thanks!