Remove Fields From Advanced Search

Hello Everyone,

I'm wondering if there is an easy way for me to remove the following fields from the Advanced Search page:


If anyone has any tips on how I could do this I would really appreciate it. I'm quite new to omeka, and trying to help a fiend out.

In reality I would like to be able to limit people being able to search these options totally, but from what I understand this cannot be done. So hiding the fields will get me at least 50% of the way for the majority of users.



You can comment out those sections from the advanced-search.php page if you wish for those to not be visible on the public side. The public will not see the User and Public/Non-Public options anyway since they will not be logged into the admin side.

The best plan would be to copy the advanced search file (found in application/views/scripts/items/advanced-search.php)into your theme's items/ directory and modify it there.