Remove Dublin Core


I am trying to remove the title "Dublin Core" from my items.

I am hosting Omeka on my own domain (v. 2.2).

i have seen a couple of solutions, but they are not updated.

Any ideas? Thanks!

In Omeka 2.2 and up there's a switch in the admin Appearance -> Settings page that lets you turn off the element set headings (the "Dublin Core" part). It's called "Show Element Set Headings."

Amazing! Thanks!

Hi there,

Is there any way to hide all Dublin Core element names? For example, on collections/show pages, I don't want the page to say "Title" and then the title of the collection. Or "Description" and then the collection's description. I just want to suppress the names of all the Dublin Core elements. (Doesn't matter if I do it across all items and collections, or just across all collections.)

Is this possible?

If you edit the theme, you can remove the call to all_element_texts and replace it with calls to metadata for each specific field you want to print.

metadata doesn't output any headings at all (it leaves that for you to do manually or for another function like all_element_texts to do).