relative urls in the footer


when I put links to "simple pages" in the footer, I get relative urls, so it works on the home page, but not in the /items/show/ pages...

Ok, I could put absolute urls, but is there another way ?


well, I use the configuration of the footer, from the "season" theme

Server-relative URLs (starting with a slash but not containing the http: or the domain) would be your other option in one of those theme config settings.

thanks for your help.
I already tried, but it didn't work, because my omeka is not at the root of the server.

You'd just have to include the path up from the route when making your URL. If your install is at and you want to link to a page "foo" in the installation, a link /some-directory/foo will work. Obviously you'd have to change it if you move the install.

ok, thanks.
I wanted to know whether it was possible not to have to change these urls when we'll move the site, but it doesn't seem to be possible.
thank you.

Maybe your HTML is escaped, try using an html filter.
thank u.