Relative URLs for linking to other items

I have an image item which is an that is a detail of another image item. I'd like to link from the detail to the full image. Because my site is on a development server and since the base URL is going to change when the site goes live, I'm trying to use relative URLs.

The URL for the detail is

The URL for the full image is

So, in the description of detail, I put a link to ../../items/show/56. (Note: I can't just do ../show/56 because the description also shows up on the collection page, which is located at

The trouble is that Omeka changes the relative URL from ../../items/show/56 to ../show/56. It makes that change whether I'm using the TinyMCE editor or editing the HTML directly. Anyway around this?

On second thought, Omeka might be smarter than I thought. If I enter the absolute URL and save the item, Omeka changes it to the relative URL ../../../items/show/56. I guess that's exactly what I need.