Related tags

Is there a way (or how might I go about) displaying tags that relate to one another? For example, an item is tagged "story, diary, feminism" and another item is tagged "story, art, 1800s". Clicking on "story" would then bring up a list/cloud of related tags, "diary, feminism, art, 1800s".

I guess I have something like what you can do in Zotero in mind. I'm trying to analyse the tags in my Omeka database and being able to see the relationships between them would be very helpful!


This sounds like a great idea. You would need to create a plugin that figures out related tags and creates the tag cloud.

You should join the Omeka Dev List.

I posted some sample code to help you or other developers get started:

Aww, you flatter me. "Developer". I wish! That would make my life easier :)

Hopefully someone will take it up!