Refining search result?

It would be nice if the next release of omeka allow user to 'refine' the search result without have to clicking the 'Advance search' button. Or provide a link to 'search similar' item?

I mean in future release, next release would be nice ;). Thanks you for a great work.

You can create a different search form in your theme, to use in the dropdown for search options in the header. However, doing so limits searching from the search bar to items, just like advanced search does. e.g. I have a form that replicates the "Narrow by Specific Fields" part of the advanced search form. This is done with a custom yourtheme/search/search-form.php, which in my case looks like this:

For "more items like this," you might want to look at the SearchByMetadata plugin:

Thanks Sheepeeh, I'll try to follow your example.