Redirecting the index page without redirecting anything else

I am in a slightly embarrassing predicament.

A colleague of mine created a digital exhibit in Wordpress (for various reasons)( -- still in development) and then we decided to create a series of Neatlines that are available as full screen links from within the wordpress instance (see here:

The Omeka site that houses the Neatlins is at

However, in the promotional material for the exhibit, we've listed the URL for the exhibit site as

My plan was to just redirect from /reading to /wp/reading as I've done for other sites. But, I foolishly put the omeka site in the /reading directory.

The problem:
I need to redirect from /reading to /wp/reading without entirely breaking the Neatlines living in the Omeka site in the way I would by doing it in the .htaccess file.

Can anyone with a better understanding of the omeka structure tell me if it's possible to do the kind of redirecting I'm hoping for?

(of course, another option is just to move the omeka site to a different directory so I can put the redirect in, but that would require a bunch of other changes, so I'm hoping to avoid that)

Thanks so much.


Those URLS are wrong above.

Exhibit site (in wordpress = )

Omeka site (to house Neatlines = )

Plan = Redirect the index.php page from /reading to /wp/reading without breaking the Neatlines, so that this page continues to work:
Thanks for any ideas.

Something like this in .htaccess above the other rewrite rules should do it:

RewriteRule ^/?$ [R,L]

Wow. Thanks. That did work.
Much appreciated.