Redirect limit exceeded | Apache, CentOS, Omeka 2.0.1

I was looking through Apache access and error logs and noticed an unusual number of internal redirect errors:

Request exceeded the limit of 10 internal redirects due to probable configuration error.

I correlated the errors with requests to Omeka. Omeka appears to be working fine to the end user. I had not noticed this before (was not really looking for it either). We did just upgrade to 2.0.1 I noticed another similar thread that said to check several things like omeka_version in the options table (which is fine). Since Omeka appears to be operating fine to the user, I am curious about the error and some "undocumented feature".

I am continuing to look, but any ideas or reasons would be appreciated.

Jim Metzger

Usually when you're having redirect loops like that, the site won't be visibly working, because Apache, as the error implies, will abort the request.

You're sure these are coming from requests to Omeka? Any idea of the URLs involved?

I was working to track that down when we encountered a problem with CSV 2.0 not working. Reading through the other posts in the forum before posting it.

FYI - we have dropped back to 1.5.3 because of an issue with CSV imports but I have a 2.0.1 development platform that I will gather some further information from this week on the above issue.