Recently Added Items not displaying thumbnail; Collection page won't load


I'm building a new Omeka site for the first time. I have two problems that have arisen recently:

1) The "Recently Added Items" section is not displaying thumbnails on my home page: I was expecting the home page to display a thumbnail as it did in the test site I created in I think the issue must be in the link_to_item() function, but I am not able to find it.

2) Now that I have added items to one of my collections (the Walter Lawrence Smith Collection), the collection page does not load, instead displaying an error. If I add a new item to another collection, the same thing happens. Removing all images from a collection makes the page load correctly again.

I have figured out that this error is in the if statement in the show.php document in collections. It seems that these two problems might both be related to the display of thumbnails, since this section also uses the link_to_item() function. But, I cannot figure out what the issue is.

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.


For 1, I'm pretty sure that's a difference in the theme version between and standalone Omeka. To show the files, you could add

<div id="item-images">
         <?php echo files_for_item(); ?>

below the line with the link_to_item()

For 2, could you follow the link on that error page to instructions for turning on error reporting? That'll help us identify the details of the problem.

Thanks, that helped. In turning on the error reporting, I was able to solve the issue.

But, it raised two new questions for me:
How do I remove the repeating Title (in the item metadata, following the header) on the collections show.php page? Also, is there a way to make the thumbnails display in a gallery format instead of a list format?


In show.php you could remove <?php echo all_element_texts('collection'); ?> and instead only echo out the metadata you are using like this:

<?php echo metadata('collection', array('Dublin Core', 'Description')); ?>

As for a gallery format -- that would call for some CSS styling. Something like

div#collection-items div.item {
    float: left;

would be a start.

Info about modifying themes in our documentation

Thanks so much!