rebuilding images for 1.0


I set my thumbnail constraint to one size, didn't like it since it was too small, so I changed it to another size. I uploaded a new image and it displays according to my new constraint. However, previous images are still displaying under the old setting. How do I 'rebuild' my other images so that previous display using the correct setting??



We've used a PHP script internally to do this a few times -- it's not pretty code, but a "quick and dirty" solution. I'll ask around and see if I can dig it up, and possibly make it downloadable on the Omeka site.

In the future, maybe this should be a plugin of some kind?

I've got the same question than lizzyha. Has there been something new since 2 years ? Or Dave, could you post your code ?


I think the recently-released Image Resize plugin is what you're looking for. (Note: it requires Omeka 1.5)

Thanks John, I had missed this plugin, seems to be great for the task I need, will give it a try.

Thanks for the fast answer.