Re-opening: Present dropbox file list in Item View in alphanumeric order

I'm reopening the topic because the issue with the crash and the sort order are related but separate.

Here's why I would like to see the files in the dropbox present in alphanumeric order in the Item File view.

Consider a scenario where you need to upload several pages of a manuscript in order using the dropbox. You can name your source files 001.png 002.png etc. and ensure that they are uploaded to your server in order by turning off simultaneous transfers on your SFTP client. However when looking at the list in the dropbox tab or in the add item file view this list appears unordered.

Now consider the value of using the dropbox file view's "add all" and bulk add features. What help are these to me if I now still need to add files one by one (meaning, browse, select from filesystem, confirm, save - repeat) to ensure that they appear in the correct page order in my item view? If, however, the list *was* sorted, I could just select them all, save, and be done with it.

I realize that CSV import is another option. But that has its own pros and cons. I think that just this (I assume) simple addition - making the dropbox file list alphanumeric sorted - would result in a big improvement in usability.

This naturally assumes that files would be added in the order they are listed. Somewhere else I read that they're added in the order they were uploaded. I *know* they were uploaded and timestamped in the right order because I watched them upload. What order Omeka thinks they were uploaded in I can't tell since all I have to go on - the dropbox list - is unordered.

I swear I'll stop soon but I made another discovery. Though the list appears unordered the files will in fact be added in order if you use the dropbox file list (i.e. select 001 002 003 no matter in what order they appear in the list). But.. if you try to add more than 3 at once, Omeka throws an error. So I'm guessing that at minimum the function that's listing the files in the dropbox is not the correct one or not working properly. And there's another bug having to do with simultaneous adds and the has_derivatives flag for the file not being set to 1. More I can't tell by myself.

Just as a quick test, I'm perfectly able to add 4 files at once from the Dropbox. All three correctly have derivatives generated for them; Omeka throws no error.

I'm not sure if you've ever been more specific about the error you're getting from Omeka (or if I've just missed it).

Also, let me point out that the unreleased development code for the Dropbox sorts the file list in alphabetical order. I'll have to do some checking to determine whether this affects the order in which the files are actually added.

It's inconsistent but it's definitely real. I'd be happy to turn on debugging and document it in more detail either here or off-line - also in a separate, non-production setting like MAMP. Just let me know.

I think more detail and information would definitely be helpful in figuring out what's happening here.

A new version of the Dropbox plugin is available.

The big change is that files are now sorted in "natural" order whenever they are shown on the interface.

There are also some other interface changes and improved error reporting.

That's great news - looking forward to trying it out.