random_featured_items probems after upgrading from V2.1.3 to V2.4

I have a collection running on Omeka 2.1.3 at http://accounts.ulster.ac.uk/repo. I have migrated and upgraded this to 2.4 at http://accounts.ulster.ac.uk/repo24. Both sites are identical and everything has gone well except for one glitch.

The "Featured Video" on 2.1.3 displays the actual video on the home-page but on 2.4 it display only a thumbnail?

Using echo random_featured_items(1) on the index.php page to display the Featured Video on both sites.

Any help appreciated!

Warm regards

I don't believe that the built-in "featured items" display ever rendered the actual file, it's always shown a thumbnail.

What's probably happening here is that you changed or overrode the display for random featured items in your theme or 2.1 core and that change isn't being applied anymore. In 2.1, the random featured items display was controlled by the theme file items/random-featured.php. In 2.4, that file doesn't exist, but items/single.php serves the same purpose.

Magic... the single.php sorted me, just renamed random-feature.php and jiggled a few lines of code and all is well.

Many thanks