Quicktime player is required

I am getting "Quicktime player is required to display this content" when test my Neatline exhibit on Windows. How do I fix that to ensure anyone can play my videos?

It also asks you to install QuickTime on Mac + Chrome.

Including videos on web pages is more complicated than it seems like it should be. I can think of several of options, listed here in order of increasing complexity and difficulty.

  1. The simplest would be to upload the video to a site like Youtube or Vimeo and to embed their player in your item's description.
  2. Or you can use a Flash video player. Libraries like FlowPlayer and Projekktor are used for this.
  3. The other way would be to recode your video into one or more formats that the major browsers use (there's no one format that will work well across browsers) and to embed the browser into the item description. You can see the chapter on videos in Diving into HTML5 for more information. Libraries like VideoJS can also help customize how that works.

If it were my site, I'd try to do the first, and I'd only look at the others if I absolutely had to. Letting someone else host it is by far the least painful path.

Hope this helps.


I tried to do the first but I couldn't figure out how to embed the code and make it work. Also If I embed it into the item description then I can't use Dublin Core.