Questions about omeka Silver plan, dropbox plugin and imagemagick

Hi I'm Liss I have Omeka version 2.3 in my laptop (windows 8) it's on localhost now and if I buy silver plan my Omeka 2.3 be updated to 2.3.1? second question does this Silver plan include dropbox plugin? and one question more at present I have a problem with imagemagick (I think it's because I installed Omeka in Xampp into Windows 8) if I had a Silver plan I can use imagemagick without problem? Thanks for answer

Hi Liss

You've got several issues here in your question not all of which are connected.

1) Running Omeka on your laptop means that only you can see and work with it. The software is really meant to be run on a web server -- specifically a LAMP server (See the requirements on the release notes for the version you are using:

2) Buying a Silver Plan for means that you'll be paying us to host your sites (to run the installation, update and server for your work--including the imagemagick package that is required to make file derivatives). It won't make any changes to your localhost version. is currently running 2.3 and getting ready to upgrade to 2.3.1 soon.

3) The Silver Plan does not include the Dropbox plugin. None of the plans do. The plugins included in each plan are listed here: