A question:
How to add the content of a Item to a new page

Alejandro Semo

Hi Alejandro,

I'm not sure what you are asking. Which page would you like to add an item to?

Hi Ken

I explain you

When I put a title in the Item section. Program generates the following address:
I cannot see the page where this article or essay is, this address is wrong.
The correct would be:
But the Omeka system don’t generates the correct address
How to solve the problem



The wrong adress is:

Make sure you have a file named .htaccess in the root of your Omeka site (directly under the omeka folder in your case). If it's missing, try unzipping a fresh copy of Omeka.

You actually shouldn't have to include the index.php part of the URL for Omeka. The URL without index.php is actually the correct one, and the fact that it's not working probably means you're missing that .htaccess file.

Hi John

I look for the file named .htaccess and I found HtaccesesFile.php. I put it in the main directory OMEKA, but it doesn’t work.

I delete index.php too, but it doesn’t work.

How to solve the problem


That file HtaccessFile.php is not the file you're looking for. That file is a part of Zend should stay where it was originally located.

The file you're looking for is called .htaccess exactly, including that it starts with a dot and is all in lowercase.

Your best bet here is probably to just upload the zip of Omeka exactly as you download it from, and just unzip that file once it is on your server. This will ensure that all of Omeka's files end up in the right places.

Hi John

Thank you

I resolve the problem

If I have a another question I ask you