I Try to installing Omeka.

I Log into my web server’s Cpanel

I Went to the databases section and click on MySQL Databases

I create my Dabatase

I Change the (database) db.ini file

whit this information
host = ""
username = "perceo"
password = "[hidden]"
name = "perceo"
prefix = "omeka_"
;port = ""

When I saw the page

I recibe this message:

Omeka Has Encountered an Error
Access denied for user 'perceo'@'localhost' (using password: YES)

How resolve this problems


Hi Alejandro,

This page on configuring your db.ini might be helpful:

Check the host name, this often is "localhost"

Be sure that the "name" is the database's name (it most likely will not be the same as your username).

Hi Sheila

Thank you
I resolve the problem

I have three questions

1.- I want to install a Omeka Theme Directory, but how, to Switch them to theme

2.- I need to divide my work in Units, Chapters and Section.

Each section has four box (Highlights of Civilizacion, From the Archives, Geography : a Key to history, Mistery of history and Atlas and Reference)

3.- I Need to include a history timeline


Hi Alejandro,

1. For more information on using themes and switching them, see the documentation section on managing themes:

2. You might want to consider using the Exhibit Builder to create your units, chapters, and sections. Before you can build an exhibit, you will want to add some items to the archive, website.

3. There is a timeline plugin : that will plot items in your archive on a timeline. If you are looking to build a timeline that doesn't relate to your archive, you might try something like Time Rime and then insert the timeline into a Simple Page.

I suggest you spend some time with the Omeka Documentation where you will find answers to many of your questions about working with an Omeka site, and find many different plugins that extend the functionality of your website: