Pull Together a Recipe

Hi Folks,

We have been working to reorganize and re-think the documentation a little, in addition to releasing version 1.4, which is why you haven't heard from us in awhile.

As we look over the documentation, we think it will be most useful to offer more "use cases" for doing specific things in themes and with plugins in an Omeka site. We have been thinking about these use cases as "recipes", and we would really like for you to help us with these.

We are in the process of whipping up an example recipe, and a template for documenting functions that would be linked in these recipes.

A recipe would include:
* Description of a problem or task, such as displaying specific metadata for an item.
* Ingredients, or a list of functions or helpers used
* Steps, describing how to do this thing by using functions or helpers, including code snippets, or short paragraphs.
* Link to an example of this working on a live site.
* Variations, if applicable.

We ask that you please start thinking about contributing a recipe. Perhaps you can pull out a trail of forum post or dev list messages that helped you, or perhaps you participated in, when solving a specific theme or plugin problem.

Here is the list of current theme and plugin use cases:



What recipes can you share?