public_nav_main array?

So my public page navigation menu ( is coded via header.php:
' <?php echo public_nav_main(array('Browse Items' => uri('items'), 'Browse Collections'=>uri('collections'))); ?>'

...and it includes two sections, <b>About</b> and <b>Test</b>, that I never included. Even though the folders to which these two choices link aren't even in my FTP directory, they still call up pages.

How I remove these from the array, and place them elsewhere>

I think those links are coming from a plugin. Do you have SimplePages installed?

Hey, it was indeed SimplePages-related problem... a quick click and they're outta there. Thanks ever so much!

How do I add external links to array?

Why doesn't this work:

<?php echo public_nav_main(array('Browse Items' => uri('items'), 'Browse Collections'=>uri('collections'), 'Library Home'=>uri(''))); ?>