Public Site

Just re-installed an old version of Omeka (version 1.2.1) with a collection on a development server to test a PHP upgrades effect.

Admin dashboard with CSV import appears to work, but public site returns a page not found error:

"/murrayhill/items" is not a valid URL.
Error: script 'items/browse.php' not found in path (/var/www/html/murrayhill/themes/default/:/var/www/html/murrayhill/application/views/scripts/:/var/www/html/murrayhill/plugins/CsvImport/views/public/:/var/www/html/murrayhill/plugins/CsvImport/views/shared/)

Mod rewrits is installed.

Neither works.

First thing I'd check is that all the files are in place and readable by the server. from the Omeka root directory, check in /themes/default/items/ for browse.php.

Have a browse.php in:


does it need to be:


If so, can you point me to a default dir that would work with version 1.2.1?

The default theme, "Thanks, Roy", should have been included in the .zip you downloaded, and would be in the /themes/default directory. So, I'd check that all the files are in that .zip, and that they made it to the server.

Meanwhile, if you change the theme to "Berlin", it will hopefully let you browse items.

I am dealing with an old version. Do you have a "Thanks, Roy" that works with version 1.2.1?

"Thanks, Patrick"

If it isn't in the zip you downloaded, then something went miss with the download and it'll be easiest to download a new copy.

If you are working from the github directory, OTOH, then you can always get older versions from the plugin page.

Downloaded from an old server of mine to test on a PHP upgrade on my test/development server. Do you have older versions of the software available?

Links to all versions back to 1.0 are on our version history page.

Thanks. Downloading a fresh 1.2.1 resolved. You can close.