Public Display of Non-Public Entries

Hello all-

I have been working on the development of a Digital Library through Omeka. We have added over 800 articles that we would like to make public to our international counterparts. Most of the articles that we are sharing our either published through our organization or are licensed to distribute. Then, there are some articles are copyright protected. We populated our Omeka Library by checking the fair-use articles as "Public" and the copyright protected articles "Not-Public".

However, my issue, is that I would like to make the title, author, description, etc. available to the public (everything except the actual file) but since I checked them as "Not-Public" I can only see them as the Administrator User- is there anyway to work around this issue in Omeka so that public users can see entries marked as "Not-Public". I am hoping we do not have to repopulate the entire database but the privileges on the backend seem quite extensive and difficult to hack---

I can elaborate as needed- any assistance would be most appreciated.

To do this, you need to give the 'showNotPublic' permission for Items to anonymous users.

These permissions all are defined in application/core/acl.php.

At line 40, you should add an extra array line, so the file looks like this:

    array(null, 'Upgrade'), // <- This line is in the file already, but add a comma at the end
    array(null, 'Items', array('showNotPublic')) // <- Add this line
); // <- Make sure your new line comes before this one.

This will allow anonymous users to see all your non-public items. Now, to still hide the files from these users, you're going to have to add a check to your public theme's items/show.php script to only display the files for logged-in users.