Proxify URLs

Is there a way to proxify the files within Omeka during a CSV batch import. I see that ImageMagick renames the files so something that appears to be random. Furthermore, after the import there is no way to edit, because the item editor shows the path to the original directory and not the destination directory.

I'm not quite following what it is you are looking to achieve.

Whenever any file is added to an item, Omeka creates the new filename for its internal processing, including the derivative files that go into the thumbnail, square-thumbnail, and fullsize directories.

There's not really a way to edit the files themselves after they have been uploaded. Any tweaks to the files would need to happen before being imported into Omeka.

Thanks, Patrick. Would like to control the access of some of the files using our proxy authentication, so wondering if there is a way to add the proxy prefix ( to the CSV files so when the file is imported into Omeka it has that prefix attached to its path?

The data in the CSV file will only point to the URL to download the file -- it can't be included in the URLs that Omeka produces. Omeka keeps it's own copies and derivatives, so it can't really control access that way.

Your best bet might be to just make the Items private when the files shouldn't be visible.

Thank you.