Problems with Install

I tried to install Omeka 1.5 but does not work, I have installed XAMMP, I created the database and permissions, updated the file db.ini, I modified the file. Htaccess in the main folder, all I want to work in local mode, but does not work, when completing the installation form tells me page not found, I checked the MySQL database and create 4 tables, and that's it. If anyone has any sugerenencia agradecere it deeply. Greetings.
Note: I have installed other systems such as: Precurio, Wordpress and others. and if they work.

We've had several reports of this problem: there's a interaction between code from the Zend Framework and the particular versions and configurations of some PHP libraries that XAMPP uses. The result is that PHP crashes partway through the Omeka installation.

Another WAMP stack (like WAMP Server) might give you better results.