Problems with Dreamhost One-Click Install

I just twice tried to use the dreamhost one-click install. One on a subdomain and one on a subdirectory. In both cases, all of the URL's in the message I got from dream host generate the following error.

Any thoughts on what I should do to troubleshoot this?

"Omeka Has Encountered an Error

Error in Omeka's configuration file(s): Your Omeka database configuration file has not been set up properly. Please edit the configuration and reload this page."

Hey Trevor,

So the one-click is more like a two-click. You will need to edit the db.ini file with your database name and db username and password available on the database's page in your Dreamhost account info.

Give that a try and see how it goes.

@tjowens & SheilaBrennan,

I just learned about Omeka because I am also at DreamHost. Omeka sounded pretty inetresting to me as I work in a museum.

Having read this topic, I just wanted to try out the stuff and encountered the same problem. Used the installation guide and... Presto. everything AOK

Looks quite a bit like WordPress
Keep Up The Good Work
Cheers! Hans

Glad everything is working for you Hans!
Please, don't forget to rate Omeka on the Dreamhost one-click page so that we can keep it (and work with them to make a true one-click).

Hi Sheila,

Done as requested, also send them a support remark about the error stuff. Will repost their answer here if I get it.
Cheers, Hans

Thanks Sheila,

I did eventually figure this out. I first set my host username password and database names but it didn't work until I realized that Dreamhost had set up its own special user with their own random password.

For reference to anyone else looking for this info it is under the "MySQL Databases" page. I clicked hyperlink for the username for the database I was using and the page it pulled up shows that usernames password.


Hi Sheila,

Any chance you can convince Dreamhost to install the current 1.3.2 with the One-Click Install? Is there a reason they are two versions behind?

Thanks, Nanci

We submitted 1.3.2 as an upgrade for the Omeka one-click and it is still waiting approval from Dreamhost. Please feel free to email them and see if you can get them to move on it.

witch version you are using of dream-host because some version problems like i am also use latest version but 2011 have some installation problems first of all you tell me witch version you are using.


In the Dreamhost one-click, you actually have to edit the db.ini file. See step #3 in the instructions:

Please feel free to email DH and ask them to help make the Omeka install a true one-click!

It's easy enough to edit the db.ini file, but how then do you get that file over to the Dreamhost site?--upload the Omeka directory entirely with Filezilla, and basically forget about the one-click install?

I have indeed emailed DH about this. . .have to say I have been a little disappointed with their support. Are other Omeka users having better luck with other hosting services?

I use Dreamhost. Be careful when using 1-click installs with dreamhost. They make very obscure database names if you have them do it automatically. I must admit, of the 1-click installs dreamhost has, Omeka is probably the least 'user friendly' setup.