Problems Setting Homepage in Navigation 2.0.4

Hi Everyone,

I'm having problems setting up the navigation in version 2.0.4 of Omeka. This is an upgraded version of the software from a 1.X install.

When I attempt to set the homepage, or alter the navigation settings in any way, I get the following error:

The navigation settings were not saved because of missing or invalid values. All changed values have been restored.

Navigation links that have undeleteable sublinks cannot be deleted.

I'm not trying to delete anything or change anything aside from use the Select a Homepage dropdown. The same error happens if I try to uncheck any of the Links to display sections on the Navigation page.

All I want to do is set a Simple Page up as the HomePage. The simple page in question was a homepage before we updated from 1.X to 2.X



Is that Simple Page you wish to make the homepage public?

I'm having a related problem, perhaps.

  • Create ad hoc Navigation item pointing to external page. (Springshare libguide page [], if that makes a difference.)
  • Add link
  • Make Navigation item public
  • Save changes to Navigation
  • Remove Navigation item from public view
  • Save changes
  • Mark Navigation item as deleted
  • Save changes
  • Receive error message as above.

The STR may be a red herring, though, because now I can't add an ad hoc element at all, nor can I change the visibility of items, getting that pair of error messages each time.
In lay terms, I'd say it seems like something is 'stuck', a bitflag?, somewhere or something.
However, when I go to add a Navigation item with an identical URI to an existing item, I do get a different message, telling me appropriately that multiple Navigation items can't have the same URI.