Problems after uploading to Dropbox

I am a complete noob, so please bear with me. I'm using Omeka for a project in a class. Everything was working fine and then I uploaded several documents to Dropbox/files and now I can't access the site or admin. I enabled errors and the error message I get is: 2012-11-23T13:01:36-05:00 DEBUG (7): SELECT name, value FROM omeka_options

The version of Omeka I downloaded was 1.5.3. Any help would be greatly appreciated and please remember I barely know what I'm doing and will probably need an explanation understood by a five year old :)

It looks like you didn't enable error reporting/logging, you enabled SQL logging.

SQL logging prints every database operation Omeka performs: that line you posted is just Omeka working as normal. Disabling SQL logging should make it easier to see any real errors you might be having.

When you say you can't access the site, what exactly do you mean? Are you getting a white screen, an Omeka error message, or something else?

At first I just enabled the error log, but no errors displayed, so I went back in and enabled the SQL too thinking that might be the issue and that is the only error message it comes up. Basically when I go to access my site or admin, I get the "Omeka has encountered an error" page with redirection to the how to retrieve errors page.

If you followed the instructions for displaying errors, that "Omeka has encountered an error" page would directly contain the actual error message.

If you've followed those directions and the page is still basically blank, then you might have to set the "display_errors" option elsewhere than your .htaccess (some servers don't respect settinsg made there).

You could try adding a line

ini_set('display_errors', '1');

to the paths.php file in your top-level Omeka directory. Setting the option there will work on any server.

Ok so I went back in and was able to get the error to display: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2).

Confirm that the information in your db.ini file is correct.

I checked the db.ini file and the login information is as it should be. Then I went to phpmyadmin and I can't login which is evidently what the problem is. I don't believe this is an Omeka problem, but maybe you have ran into this before. I've checked the configuration files in phpmyadmin and the login information looks good. I'm at a loss.


I also encounter an error when using (/enabling) the dropbox plugin.

My only solution was to disable the plugin.

Btw, thank you John for the tip on displaying error messages, the "correct way" (the one described in the documentation) didn't work for me either.