Problem with SVN upgrade to 1.4

Ran into a problem trying to update to version 1.4 by svn, which I have done successfully in the past (svn sw

Upgrade seems to go normally until it hits the Zend stuff, at which point it fails with this error message: UUID mismatch : existing directory 'application/libraries/Zend' was checked out from a different repository. Leaves the site inaccessible.

Is there any cure for this?

Remove the Zend directory altogether (rm -Rf application/libraries/Zend) and then svn update again.

We've switched from using an SVN external to directly including the Zend Framework in our SVN, and it causes this problem (only the first time you update from pre-1.4 to 1.4).

Thanks. I'll give it a shot.

Didn't turn out to be quite that simple. Rerunning the svn update produces what looks like normal results, but trying to access public or admin interface produces this message: "Public site is unavailable until the upgrade completes." Is there a solution for this short of re-installing?

The issue you may now be seeing is that the .htaccess file has changed in 1.4. Normal users of the zipped version will get this file replaced, but in Subversion, the .htaccess itself isn't under version control, instead it's .htaccess.changeme. (This is also the case for the db.ini and application/config/config.ini).

Copying .htaccess.changeme over your .htaccess should solve this issue.

Also, check your svn status output just to make sure the svn switch actually made it through your whole repo (you'll get a bunch of S statuses if it didn't switch completely).

That did it. Much obliged.