Problem with Items order

I have a problem when using the plugin Items order. When I choose an order for my items in a collection, it's working well in the collection page, but when I click "browse all the items in this collection", the order just disappears...
Is there any solutions for that?

Thanks a lot!

Are you using any other plugins that might be affecting the order? Does the problem happen in the same way on the public and admin sides?

Item Order should be reordering the "browse all items in this collection" view, though. What does the URL you go to where the order isn't being applied look like?

Thanks for your answer John Flatness,
I'm not using other pulgins affecting the order. It happens only on the public page, only on the URL "/items/browse?collection=...".
As I mentioned before, the URL "/collections/show/..." is on the right order.

The admin theme is unaffected?

What public theme are you using? Does switching to a different one temporarily change anything about the ordering?

No sorry, it's the same in the admin theme (in fact, it's working on the collection page, and when you click on all the items in the collection, it's not working anymore, like in the public theme..).
I'm working on Berlin theme, and I try another one, it's the same problem.

I am having the exact same problem but note that selecting the thumbnail or title of the collection on the public page and the first page is ordered but one cannot access further ordered items