Problem with Images not showing up


I installed Omeka onto my website server a couple of days ago and all seemed to be fine (you can visit it at, it is still in sandbox form in order for me to learn the software) but none of my images seem to work. I can upload the images to the site and it is then attached to the record but no image appears. From what I know, there might be a problem with imagemagick not being installed on my server but I can't seem to find a useful way in which to test if it works/installed.

If I need to install it, I can't seem to even find a good enough manual to install it via cpanel. Because my site uses a cpanel interface, I don't know how to use any sort of command based software which would allow me to use the instructions that are found on the web.

Can anyone help me?

I'd recommend just emailing support for your host, asking whether ImageMagick is installed and if so, the path to it. Then set that path sans 'convert' (e.g., /usr/bin/convert --> /usr/bin) via the Settings form on your Omeka installation.