Problem with Commenting

I have just installed Omeka 2.0.4 on Bluehost. I am trying to add the Commenting plug-in without success. When I add it to the plugins folder on my server and then click on Plugins in my Omeka site I get a white screen. No error message and nothing in the error log. I tried removing it and uploading a fresh zip file from the site, extracting and repeating the process, but no change. Please advise.

I also have this problem with Omeka 2.1.2 and also using blue host.

Can anyone help?

There was an upgrade problem with the plugin. The current version on GitHub should work. We'll be officially releasing it very soon

I had the same problem with Omeka 2.1.4 (hosted in Bluehost) and Commenting plug-in 2.1, but I just installed the 2.0 version of the plug-in and everything is working fine :)

Thanks for the report. Back to the drawing board!

I had no such luck.
GitHub also didn't help.
I will get a completely blank white loaded screen when going to my admin page or my Plugins page says "This is not a valid plugin." even after I've deleted it from Bluehost.
Please let us know when a new version has fixed this problem - thanks.

kylieschmitt -- If you completely deleted the plugin from Bluehost before uninstalling it through Omeka's admin plugin page, that would definitely cause the "This is not a valid plugin" message, and maybe the white screen.

If that's the case re-uploading the plugin would address that. Sounds like v2.0 might be the one to re-upload

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