Problem with comment plugin

I just set up a sample item and when trying to add a rating (using the comments plugin) I get a 404 not found error. It seems like it can't find the service.php file
You can test on this page:

I was able to see the page you linked to here and the comments box at the bottom of the page. Can we say that this issue is resolved?

You can see the page and the comment box. If you try to post a comment it will not post. Try and see.

Thank you!

The folks who can best help you with this are the ones who built the plugin: Scand Ltd. (

Perhaps they are listening to help here, but if not, I would contact them directly.

I am having a similar problem - I don't get the error page, but I can't submit any comments or even type in the comment box. I tried contacting Scand, but have not gotten a reply. Did anyone else figure a fix for the comments?