Problem to find the button for caching page...

Hi :) I am in version 1.4.2 of OMEKA and i have one problem of caching, i want to clean cashing but i don't see how to do because like i read somewhere i look on dashboard on the right side under 'Recent tags' but i don't see this button to clear caching and when i go to upload pluging for caching page, i find nothing plugin about this...:(
Somebody can help me ???

Are you using the PageCaching plugin?

Or are you talking about browser cache or some other cache?

Thanks for your answer.
No, i dont talk about browser cache but i was thinking that there was cache in OMEKA that must be cleaned when problem..
I am new on this OMEKA because my friend work is go away and before his departure he copy one omeka on an other omeka and when i go on this administrator interface of this new OMEKA copied and click on the tag 'simple page' and when i edit the first page and change text, when i go on the View Public Site, it is always the text of before...but my new text appear when i click on the link 'Read more...' ?? That why i was thinking that it is the cache of OMEKA...But i continue to try to find what happened..