Problem resizing video dimensions


I've tried several times in different ways but cannot get videos to resize their dimensions i.e they overflow their <div> container on the webpage.

I have the Html5 media plug in installed. Changing the settings appears to make no difference.

I have tried resizing before upload but that also seems to make no difference.

And, since I don't know enough .php, I'm not sure what code to use vis à vis files_for_item.

Any suggestions?


Any suggestions?

Can you show an example of what's happening?

HTML5 Media lets you explicitly pick the player dimensions (and more recently, lets you have the player auto-fit). Are you sure you're uploading videos that HTML5 Media actually works with?

Here is a page with the problem.

Yes I've made sure I have converted the video file to the appropriate format for html5.

Try getting an updated version of the Seasons theme that you're using.

Older versions of Seasons have some trouble with the HTML5 player and other kinds of content that create lots of HTML elements within themselves. The player should work better with the latest versions of Seasons.

Hi John,

Many thanks yes that seems to work but ....

the videos now resize in Firefox but do not play sound (although this might be a peculiar problem I have here).

It works perfectly in IE but still overspills the <div> in Chrome (both with sound). Try this one for example:

Not sure whether these are local problems or not.


I don't see any overflow in IE 10, and audio seemed to play fine in my limited testing, including on Chrome.

Maybe these are local browser issues.