problem moving to new server and upgrading from 2.01 to 2.2.2

I'm trying to move our Omeka installation from Dreamhost to our own server here on campus. I installed 2.2.2 on our server, and imported the database from our Dreamhost installation via phpmyadmin. I unfortunately didn't upgrade the 2.01 Dreamhost installation before exporting the database, and so when I started up the 2.2.2 installation on our own server I first see the page to upgrade the database. Upon clicking that I get this error message:
Omeka encountered an error when upgrading your installation.

SQL error in migration: Mysqli statement execute error : Table 'omeka_keys' already exists

Is the best plan of attack to upgrade the old Dreamhost installation, export the database again, and re-upload it to the 2.2.2 installation on our own server? Or (hopefully) might there be a shorter solution? ;-}} Thanks --

How did you move over the exported database? Did you actually go through the install process (the form) on the new 2.2.2 installation, then drop the imported data in on top?

You should be able to copy over the database export and upgrade it on the new server, but it needs to be a clean copy, not on top of anything already there.

I went through the 2.2.2 installation process several weeks ago on the new server; no data had been entered (except for a couple of users). When we decided to migrate our old (Dreamhost) installation I did a backup of that and then imported the Dreamhost sql database into the 2.2.2 database being used, via phpmyadmin. So, I'm assuming that the new installation had the 2.2.2 database table structure initially - - and I didn't get any errors in PHPmyadmin when I imported the 2.01 database...

What would happen if I delete the omeka_keys table? That's what's coming up in the error message (and that table doesn't exist in the 2.01 installation, so I wouldn't be losing any data).

If you're looking to do this, you want to drop all the tables in the 2.2.2 database, and then import your exported database again. The idea is to only have the original tables there.

That did it! I dropped all of the tables and then imported the db, and it upgraded fine this time - - thanks!