problem moving install to different server

In an install of Omeka on a test server, I made a few changes inside the code for my custom needs. Now I'm trying to move to the production server, but for some reason, none of the routes work: all the generated links like .../items and the like don't work. I copied the whole folder, and I changed the db.ini info, so that I Omeka is installed.

Any ideas what would cause the routes to fail? I didn't make any changes to anything relating to that.

Hi Matt,

A few ideas:

1) You don't have mod_rewrite on your production server. Can you confirm this?
2) When you moved your installation to the production server, you didn't get the .htaccess files, that have the rewrite rules. Can you confirm that you included these in the move?


I got it, thanks. I looked for the .htaccess file in my production server folder, and saw one there, but apparently it wasn't the right one. Thanks.