Problem install omeka


As a newbie with omeka, i want to install it but when i want to go to http://localhost/omeka/install, i've the following message

setinipath(BASE_DIR . '/db.ini'); $application->getBootstrap()->registerPluginResource($dbResource); } // Explicitly load the Zend FrontController resource, not the Omeka modification. // Because the Omeka FrontController resource is too heavily coupled for use. $application->getBootstrap()->registerPluginResource('Zend_Application_Resource_FrontController', array( 'controllerDirectory' => APPLICATION_PATH . '/controllers', 'throwExceptions' => true)); // This line is a workaround for what seems like a bug in Zend_Application. // It loads the plugin resources, which need to be loaded before the bootstrap() // call so as to prevent loading the wrong resource (e.g. // Omeka_Application_Resource_Frontcontroller instead of // Zend_Application_Resource_FrontController). $plugins = $application->getBootstrap()->getPluginResources(); $application->getBootstrap()->bootstrap(); if (APPLICATION_ENV === 'testing') { return; } try { $application->run(); } catch (Exception $e) { echo '

' . $e->getMessage() . '

';exit; }

In the .htaccess file, i 've uncommented RewriteBase and replace it by "RewriteBase /omeka".

Maybe, i've forgotten something.

Best regards

Are you sure you have PHP installed and enabled on this server?

This looks like you're just getting un-executed PHP code output.