Problem filtering items in ExhibitBuilder admin

When editing a page as an admin in the ExhibitBuilder plugin, when I click on "Attach an Item", a new window pops up with a list of items to choose from. Within this window there is a "Search Form" button for searching and filtering items. However, this search form has no effect on the items shown; i.e. even after entering a search phrase the items are not filtered. I'm pretty sure this error is specific to something in my project and is not a problem with the ExhibitBuilder plugin.

Any ideas as to what could be causing the search form not to work?


What versions of Exhibit Builder and Omeka are you using?

There are some version combinations that have a bug making the search not work correctly there.

We are using Omeka version 2.1.2 and Exhibit Builder version 2.0.3.

Do you know if these version combinations cause problems?

With Omeka 2.1 you generally want to be using the Exhibit Builder 2.1 versions as well.

Version 2.1.2 of the Exhibit Builder is the one I'd recommend.