Problem Adding Item to Exhibit Section Pages

I am having problems adding items/images to the pages of an exhibit. I can create a page for the exhibit and I can enter text. But, when I go to drag an item into the box to add it to the page, nothing happens. It looks I am just dragging the image file (either the thumbnail of the item or the four-headed arrow icon) that the browser is showing, not the "item" that is supposed to be recognized by Omeka. I have had the same problem using Safari and Firefox on OS X and Internet Explorer and Firefox on Windows. I have also tried it using different exhibits, but I was met with the same results. Any suggestions? Thank you for your help.

Hi Evan,

Are you having difficulty making the thumbnail "stick" into the appropriate box when you are dragging it over, or are you asking if the entire item will be dragged into the exhibit?

Items, as entities, do not get pulled into exhibits. Full item descriptions and metadata remain with the item, as viewed in the items/show page. That metadata does not get pulled into the exhibit. When creating an exhibit, visitors to your site may click on the thumbnail that represents an tem in the exhibit page to see the item's metadata.

If I have misunderstood what you are asking about please don't hesitate to clarify.


Hi Shelia,

It is the first case--the thumbnail does not "stick" into the appropriate box when I drag it over. Thanks for you help!


Others have also commented on the difficulty of making the images stick in the exhibit layout templates. Currently, we are modifying the exhibit builder interface and those changes should help with this problem.

For now, you may just have to play around a little with your mouse during the drag and drop process and try to get that thumbnail as centered in the box as possible. I've had some trouble too but have been able to pull the images into the exhibit pages.

We look to release the modified exhibit builder function in the fall.

Good luck,