Prefilled DC elements for items submitted via contribution module

Hi Folks,

I'm thinking it could be useful to be able to set up some autofilled Dublin Core elements for different item types in the contribution module config. Eg. if we're asking all contributors to our site to accept a certain license (eg. by-nc-nd) then it would be handy for any item coming from the contribution module to have this license info in the DC:Rights "License" label. Similarly, if the item type is a photo, we could conceivably autofill the DC:Format field to be "image" etc. this would save us manually cataloguing some fields on these items after they've been submitted

I can also see the utility of that feature in general, not just specific to Contribution, actually.

The closest thing we have right now, that might get close to what you want, is the Simple Vocab plugin. It lets you create a controlled vocabulary to select from for specific elements.

The result, if you put in only one value, is a dropdown with only that value available to select. No quite perfect for what you are looking for, but might be close.