POYi Launches Omeka site

Hi all,

We launched our site at http://archive.poyi.org/! We've been working on this site for a while now and it's been a lot of fun. Omeka's been a great piece of software for us. There's still a lot to do, my list is too long to enumerate here, but basically there are tweaks, navigational stuff, metadata control, etc. still to fine tune. Plus the last 10 or so years need to be described. We're still waiting for some of that data though, so it might be a little while. We also have yet to build an exhibit.

POYi is a photojournalism program founded in 1945 and holds annual contests every year. The photos in this archive include all the various kinds of winners from those contests. With 65 years of photos (more to come) there are nearly 40,000 images altogether. Give it a look over and if you see anything that needs attention or if you have any suggestions, questions, please let me know (sean.csb [at] gmail.com).

Once again I want to thank every one for all their help with our project. Your support has been invaluable.



Congratulations!! The site looks really amazing. Thanks for using Omeka and for letting us know about your work. If you ever get some time and feel like generalizing the POYi theme for community use, let us know.

Best wishes,

Yes, this really looks great.

Would you mind if we highlighted this site in the Omeka showcase?


We'd certainly be very honored if you showcased the site. Thank you for asking.

I'm still not done with the theme, but I was definitely hoping to generalize it for community use. I will do that over winter break so maybe by late December or early January I'll have a theme to submit. By that time I should have all the kinks ironed out. I will soon begin testing the site with the new Omeka release too.

Thank you all again!