Post upgrade screw-ups - help needed!

I'm running Omeka as a personal side project to get some technical experience with websites, and my recent attempt to upgrade to Omeka 2.0 didn't go so well. Two things stand out that I would love help on.

First, my metadata and thumbnails survived the upgrade, but the full size photos did not. See here for an example - - and try clicking on the image. Not sure what I did wrong, but would love advice.

Second (and possibly related) the search feature doesn't work any longer. I try the "Index Records" in the site settings page in the admin interface and get this error message "The configured PHP path (/usr/bin/php) does not point to a PHP-CLI binary."

I feel like a fool stumbling in the dark, but any help would be much appreciated!


On the first issue, double check that you renamed the directories 'archive' to 'files', and 'files/files' to 'files/original'. Then look in 'files/original' to make sure that the files are in fact there.

I got a 404 error when I followed your link, so I hope that doesn't mean more problems!

On the second issue, it might be that your server is set up so that PHP is in a place where Omeka can't detect it. The path to PHP is something your server admin or hosting company should be able to tell you. Then, in the file 'application/config.ini', find this line and fill in that path:

background.php.path = ""

Thanks for the quick reply. First, I actually re-installed the whole thing and renamed it "omeka" instead of "family" - this is the corresponding link now.

Now, I seem to be having a different set of problems. For some (like the one above)I get no thumbnail and no original. For others (like this: I get no thumbnail, but the original image is still there.

I think my problem is (obviously) in copying the files from the old directory to the new one and then doing the renaming things you mentioned. I think I can try it again, but that seems to be my issue. I should copy all of the director "archive" to the new location and then rename that folder "files" - is that correct? Would I be safe in deleting the "files" that came with the omeka 2.0 install? Right now, I've just renamed that to "Zfiles".

I will try re-installing later on and will update as needed. Thanks so much for your help!

Yes, that sounds like the issue. Omeka will look in the 'files' directory, so that's where they should all go. So, either delete the 'files' directory that came with Omeka, or just copy all of the files and folders currently in 'archive' into 'files'.

The other directory that needs to be renamed is what used to be 'archive/files'. That now becomes 'files/original'. again, it should work to copy the files currently in your 'archive/files' directory into the new 'fileThe other directory that needs to be changed is the directory inside 'files' called 's/original' directory.

The end result we're aiming for is to have a 'files' directory instead of 'archive' like this:

- files (used to be 'archive' in 1.5)
-- theme_uploads (same in 1.5)
-- fullsize (same as in 1.5)
-- square_thumbnails (same as in 1.5)
-- thumbnails (same as in 1.5)
-- original (used to be 'files' in 1.5)

Hope that helps


Need time you visit Chicago, I'll be sure to buy you a beer. Everything went well - one of my problems was that somehow I had deleted/misplaced the square_thumbnails folder and had to restore that from a back-up. But everything looks good now.

Thanks so much for your help!

One more good reason to visit Chicago! Good luck!