possible to hyperlink URL field?

hi folks,
hope you all are doing well. question for you -- is it possible to hyperlink the URL field of, say, a hyperlink object? for example, see: http://dev.omeka.org/nola/items/show/2

i'd like to have the record point to a live instance if possible

thanks for any help!

In the administrative interface for editing an item's metadata, there's a checkbox beside each field metadata input that says "use HTML." If you check the box, a TinyMCE editor will appear, and Omeka will use any HTML entered on your page.


Hi Connie,

Dave's right about this; checking the Use HTML field will let Omeka parse that markup as HTML.

One alternative to this, though, would be to not add the <a> tag to this field, but simply enter the URL in this field, then add a function to your theme's custom.php, and use that function in a filter, like this:

add_filter(array('Display', 'Item', 'Item Type Metadata', 'URL'), 'make_url_link');

function make_url_link($url)
    if(empty($url)) {
    return '<a href="'.$url.'">'.$url.'</a>';

This will take the value for the URL field, and filter it so it wraps that value in an anchor tag. This leaves the formatting in the theme and not in your data. Add that to your custom.php file in your theme and see if that works better. You will have to change the value of your URL field to just use the address, and not include the anchor tag, for this to work correctly.

hi guys,
thanks for the answers. i'm going to go try jeremy's suggestion but because i think i'm doing something idiotic: i should have noted that i do have the 'use HTML' box checked for two fields in my http://dev.omeka.org/nola/admin/items/show/id/2 item.
any thoughts?

Hmm, interesting. Not sure why its rendering the HTML as character entities instead of parsing the HTML, if you have the Use HTML field checked. if you get rid of the html inside those fields, just put the URL as the value for those fields, then use that filter I mentioned, this should render correctly.